Study, Work, Live in Germany

Germany is the fourth largest economy of the world with a population of 82 million people in which 26.7% are migrants. It has always been an economic and cultural powerhouse and now it has open its doors to skilled professionals who can contribute to the country and its growing economy. Germany offers a lot of opportunities for skilled professionals with the high level of education and possessing professional sills. It has a thriving economy and a very high standard of living, Germany is one of the best countries to work, live and get settled and bring your family as well. Germany also offers best education through its well-known and reputed educational institutions. Government provides safety, security, world-class healthcare, and opportunity to become a citizen of Germany after fulfilling certain conditions.

What are the Options for Germany Migration?

There are many options and type of visas available that you can choose from based on your education, purpose, investment capacity and skills you possess. Some of the options to Migrate to Germany are as follows:

  • Germany Visit Visa: This visa is also called the Schengen Visa and is issued for the purposes like visiting family and friends or for tourism, for medical treatment, for official, cultural or participating in sports events.
  • Germany Business Visa: This visa is issued individuals to attend meetings and other business-related events.
  • Germany Student Visa: This visa is issued to the prospective students in Germany or those that have already been admitted in a German university.
  • Germany Language Course Visa: This visa is issued to prospective students in Germany may need to attend a langue course before being fully admitted to a university.
  • Germany Student Internship Visa: This visa is issued to the students who want to participate in a training program or internship in Germany that lasts longer than 90 days.
  • Germany Researcher Visa: This visa is issued to the international scholars and researchers who will participate in a scientific event in Germany.
  • Germany Employment Visa: This visa is issued to persons that have a job offer in Germany and can be employed by a German company or employer to work on a paid job in Germany.
  • Germany Job Seeker Visa: This visa is issued to foreign nationals seeking attractive job opportunities in Germany but do not have a job offer yet.
  • Germany Freelancer Visa: This visa is issued to foreign freelancers of different fields to enter Germany and work there as a Freelancer.
  • Germany Family Reunion Visa: This visa is issued to the permanent residents and citizens of Germany for bringing specifically their spouses and children to Germany.
  • Medical Treatment Visa: This visa is issued to every international with health issues to seek medical treatment in Germany.
  • Germany Airport Transit Visa: This visa is not for migration purpose, but is issued to individuals to transit through a German airport.
  • German Residence Permits: People who get immigration visas also get a residence permit. Temporary residence permits allow foreign nationals to stay in Germany for a specified period and then return to their home countries. Permanent residence permits mean that the foreign national can stay in Germany as long as they want to, can leave and return to the country whenever they want to.
  • European Union (EU) Blue Card: The EU Blue Card for Germany is given to foreign national workers (who are not citizens of EU countries) who have high qualifications and want to work in Germany and apply those skills. High qualifications mean that the person has an undergraduate or graduate degree in any given field. To qualify for the EU Blue Card, the applicant needs to have a job in Germany, and the minimum annual salary must be 56,800 Euros. With this Blue Card the holder can stay in Germany for four years, with a possibility of changing their residence permit into a permanent Residence.
  • Permanent Residence Permit: The permanent residence permit in Germany is called the Settlement Permit. The Settlement Permit is given to those who have had either a standard residence permit or an EU Blue Card for at least five years and meet certain language requirements.

Permanent Residency

This program allows individuals to obtain permanent residency in Germany on the basis of their education, work experience and stay in Germany.

Student Visa

International students can study in top-notch German Universities and colleges and post study the students can apply for Permanent Residency & work in Germany.

Business Visa

Germany offers permanent residency to people who want to set up a business or invest in a business based in Germany or start a new business in Germany.

Family Visa

Bring Your Family to Germany with Germany Family Visa

Tourist & Visitor Visa

Get professional help to get Germany Tourist & Visit Visas

Work Visa

Live, Work & Earn in Germany with Germany Work Visa

Why Migrate to Germany?

Germany as a country has a very long history and from hundreds of years a lot of migrants move to Germany because it offers various benefits to the migrants those want to come to the country and settle, work, and live in there. There are various reason thousands of individuals choose to Migrate to Germany every year.

Benefits of Germany Migration
  • Eligibility for German Citizenship
  • Guaranteed Social Benefits
  • Freedom of Movement in the EU/EEA
  • Permission on Education & Vocational Training
  • Guaranteed Social Security & Health Insurance
  • Housing Benefit (Wohngeld) from Government

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