Work, Study, Live in New Zealand

New Zealand is a very beautiful country with only 4.5 million population. New Zealand is actively attracting skilled individuals from all around the world to come to the country and contribute to the economic growth. The country is seeing a very sharp rise in employment prospects in all spheres of life for immigrants who want to live and work in the country. With very low crime rate and an excellent standard of living, New Zealand becomes an amazing immigration destination for people who wish to migrate to a country with high growth prospects.

What are the Options for New Zealand Migration?

There are many options and type of visas available that you can choose from based on your education and skills. Some of the options to Migrate to New Zealand are as follows:

  • Skilled Migrant Category: This visa is New Zealand’s most popular option for becoming a permanent resident for professionals with in-demand skills and education.
  • Business and Investor Visas: This visa is for the entrepreneurs those who want to buy or establish and run their own business, or those who want to invest their funds in New Zealand and get citizenship through that.
  • Family Visas: The Permanent Residents in New Zealand can bring their family to New Zealand on permanent basis with this visa category.
  • Retirement Visas: This visa category for the individuals those who want to spend their retired life in New Zealand with investing in New Zealand and get permanent resident status.
  • Employees of a Relocating Business Visa: This visa category is for the employees of a business that is relocating to New Zealand they can choose to live permanently or temporarily in New Zealand.
  • Residence from Work: This visa category is for the talents that are needed by New Zealand employers. These exceptional talent are from the field of art, culture or sport, a religious worker, or are working in an area of identified absolute occupational shortage in New Zealand.
  • Work Visas: This visa category is for the individuals looking for a job and want to take up employment in New Zealand temporarily.
  • Entrepreneur Work Visa: The Entrepreneur Work Visa is a category of temporary entry class visa with conditions that allow self-employment in New Zealand.
  • Post-study Work Visas: This visa category is for the individuals who have completed their education in New Zealand can work in New Zealand for 1-3 years, depending on the eligibility and education.
  • Horticulture and Viticulture Seasonal Work Visas: This visa is for the people who want to work in horticulture and viticulture industries in the reaping or sowing seasons.

Permanent Residency

The Skill Select Program allows skilled workers to obtain permanent New Zealand residency on the basis of their qualifications, work experience.

Student Visa

New Zealand offers high-quality education to international students in its world class educational institutes

Tourist & Visitor Visa

To take a short trip to New Zealand to visit family, for work, or for vacation, you can apply for the New Zealand Visitor Visa.

Family Visa

To bring your family members to New Zealand the Permanent Residents in New Zealand can apply for Family Visa

Work Visa

New Zealand offers high-paying jobs to skilled individuals in all sector and to work in them you can apply for New Zealand Work Visa

Business Visa

To setup a business in New Zealand or to Invest in New Zealand you need to apply for New Zealand Business or Investor Visa

Why Migrate to New Zealand?

New Zealand ranks higher in terms of income and wealth distribution. In terms of healthcare, education, quality of life, life expectancy, and over-all being also the country ranks very high. New Zealand has a flourishing job market, and hence offers a lot of job opportunities to the skilled people. Be it construction, healthcare, cyber technology, engineering, hospitality, or education it offers job opportunities in all of them. So, if you move to New Zealand you have fair chances of getting a good job and earn good income.

Benefits of New Zealand Migration
  • Low Crime Rates & Safe for Family Living
  • High Quality of Lifestyle & Living Standard
  • Friendly & Welcoming People
  • Diverse Culture & Easy to Assimilate
  • Wonderful Weather & Diverse Climate
  • Pristine Beaches & Breathtaking Landscapes
  • Availability of High-paying Jobs

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Experts Only

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Our Professional Fee

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