Study, Work, Live in Portugal

With Lisbon as the capital and 10.3 million population Portugal is spread in 92,345 Kilometer Square area. Official language of Portugal is Portuguese. It has a warm climate, good food, and high-quality of life, Portugal is a popular place for people to migrate to. In fact, 6.5% of the total population of Portugal is of migrants.

The Portuguese immigration system is similar to that of many other EU member states. Portugal is part of the European Union and citizens of European Union have freedom of movement and they can travel to Portugal without any visa. However, the individuals from other nationalities can move to Portugal to work, study, join family, or retire if they meet certain criteria. Portugal also offers a Golden Visa program, which aims to attract foreigners with money to invest in the country.

What are the Options for Portugal Migration?

There are many options and type of visas available that you can choose from based on your education, investment capacity and skills. There are basically three categories of Portuguese visas which you can apply to migrate to Portugal.

Short Stay Visas

This category of visas is also known as Schengen visas, which are for stays of up to 90 days. Below are the following types of visa that are issued under this scheme:

  • Temporary Stay National visas: For any employment in Portugal lasting between 90 days and one year. The Portuguese work visa can be for purposes such as long-term seasonal work, self-employed or freelance work, scientific or academic work, amateur sports activity, or any other skilled work.
  • Study visa: For any study in Portugal lasting between 90 days and one year. This includes secondary, graduate, or postgraduate education.
  • Professional training, internship or volunteering visa: Temporary visa for any form of professional training, unpaid internship, or volunteering for a charity or NGO based in Portugal.
  • Medical treatment visa: This can be for your own medical treatment within the Portuguese health service, or to accompany a family member undergoing health treatment.

Long Stay National Visas, also known as Residency Visas, which are for stays of over one year.

  • Youth Mobility Visa: This is a visa available to people from nine countries that allows stays of up to 12 months for purposes such as study, training, internships volunteering, and cultural exchange. Available for individuals aged 18 to 30 (upper age limit increased to 35 for Canada, 31 for Australia and Peru, no upper age limit for the US).
  • Self Support Visa: Portuguese visa for either working-age or retired individuals who can prove that they can support themselves financially for a 12-month stay in Portugal.
  • Religious Purposes Visa: For religious training or studies with a recognized institution or congregation. You will need to provide proof of activity, such as a letter from the religious organization.

Long Stay Portuguese Visas

Also known as the Residency Visa, this is a Portuguese national visa for stays longer than one year. With this visa, you will need to apply for a Portuguese residency permit from the Portugal Immigration Service (SEF).

  • Work Visa: This is for any long-term or permanent work placement that is for a period longer than one year.
  • Study Visa: This is granted for a period of study that lasts longer than a year at all educational levels from secondary school upwards.
  • Professional Training, Internship or Volunteering Visa: Long-stay visa for any form of professional training, unpaid internship or volunteering for a charity or NGO based in Portugal that lasts for longer than 12 months.
  • Family Reunion Visa: Family members of non-EU/EFTA residents in Portugal will need to apply for a family reunion visa if they themselves are also from outside the EU.
  • Retirement Visa: The Long Stay visa is for anyone who is able to support themselves financially long-term without working or using Portuguese welfare services. This can be people of working or retirement age, or people taking up long-term religious placements where accommodation is provided.

Portugal Golden Visa

This is a special Portuguese visa program that is designed to attract foreign investment into Portugal. The Portuguese golden visa scheme speeds up the process for foreign investors from non-EU countries if they buy Portuguese real estate or invest up to a certain value. Provided they meet the conditions, under this scheme non-EU citizens will receive a Portuguese residence permit and can later apply for full Portuguese citizenship.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Portugal allows asylum applications and grants refugee status to persecuted individuals fleeing other countries, in accordance with EU recognition of the 1951 Geneva Convention on the protection of refugees.

Permanent Residency

This program allows individuals to obtain permanent Portugal residency through investment and apply for citizenship after 5 years.

Work Visa

Portugal offers high-paying jobs to skilled, semi-skilled & general workers in all sectors and to work in them you can apply for Portugal Work Visa

Business Visa

To setup a new business or Invest in a Portugal Business and get Citizenship you need to apply for Portugal Business or Investor Visa

Family Visa

To bring your family members to Portugal as the Permanent Residents you can apply for Portugal Family Visa

Student Visa

Portugal offers high-quality education to international students in its world class educational institutes

Tourist & Visitor Visa

To take a short trip to Portugal, or to visit family, for work, or for vacation, you can apply for Portugal Visitor / Tourist Visa

Why Migrate to Portugal?

Portugal offers various benefits to the migrants those want to come to the country and settle, work, and live in there. And that’s the reason thousands of individuals choose to Migrate to Portugal every year.

Benefits of Portugal Migration
  • Visa Free Travel to over 180 Countries
  • Allows Dual Nationality
  • Citizenship in Just 5 Years
  • Access to the Entire European Union
  • Only 14 days in a Year of Stay Required to get Citizenship
  • Excellent International Schools & Universities
  • International Quality Healthcare

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