Immigration is a life changing decision and you need a consultant who is experienced in handling your application and can guide you in every way to get you success on your application for any type of visa you are seeking. Below are some of the very frequently asked questions you may want to know before you choose us to be your immigration & visa consultant.

Technically you don’t have to register anywhere, all you need to send us your detail through our Apply Now page. One we receive your detail we will evaluate that and then send you an email in reply if you qualify for your visa request, citizenship program, work permit, study visa, business visa, or permanent residency. You may be asked to share few more detail based on what kind of visa you are looking for. Once you provide all the detail and make payment of our professional fee we will process your application for your visa. Once your visa or application is approved you will get another email and a phone call from our office. Congratulations!!

We can’t tell you whether you qualify for Student Visa or not unless we have evaluated your profile through the detail you share through our Apply Now page.

You don’t have to lose your heart here, there are many other ways through which you can migrate permanently to the country of your choice. There are work permits, study programs, family visas, business investor visas, employer sponsorship programs, and many more. Please send us your detail through our Apply Now page and we will evaluate your profile and suggest you best way for you to migrate to the country of your choice.

We have kept our professional fee minimum as compared to the other immigration agencies so that we can help the aspiring migrants to realize their immigration dreams without burning a hole in their pocket. Our fee varies for the services we offer. Once you have shared your details on our website after evaluating your profile and asking for your consent we share you detail of our professional fee and ways you can pay our professional fee.

Share your basic detail using the form below.

  • eg. +44-1234567890
  • Sorry for asking, but we have to know if you can sustain yourself in Canada. or the country you are applying for.

With our expertise you will be delivered the services we commit to you and you won’t be asking us your money back. But, Yes, you get your money refunded if the services you paid us for are not delivered from our end.