March 25, 2022

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

People from all over the world are moving to Canada for every year for various reasons. The most important among them are highest paying jobs in Canada, free world-class medical care facility, free public education for children and many others that Canada offers. For instance, besides these working in Canada has several other great benefits, including paid maternity and paternity leave, flexible working hours, and a lot more.

But before we directly jump into those highest paying jobs in Canada let’s first discuss a little about Canada itself and why it is one of the favorite migration destinations for people all around the world.

Canada is second largest country in the world after Russia having 6.1% of the total land mass of the earth but in terms of population it is 39th in the world. And that explains why Canada has a lot to offer to the migrants those who come to its land. Canada has a population of around 38 million and that’s not enough to keep the Canadian economy growing. So, they need more people who can come and work in the country and contribute to the economy of Canada. So, you understand that migration to Canada will keep continue.

Now let’s take a look at the highest paying jobs in Canada and how you can get them and migrate to Canada.

There are over 1 million jobs available combining health care, transportation, education, construction, manufacturing, human resources, and other sectors. So, you may good chance to get a job in the field of your work if you have required education and skills. Though, Canada pays its workforce higher salaries compared to many other countries around the globe. But, there are few jobs where people have comparatively higher salary in Canada. Let’s take a look at them.

IT Industry

Every developed country is trying to make its IT industry more stronger foreseeing the future of IT industry. Canada is also doing the same and hence, hiring the skilled professionals in the IT industry. The IT industry of Canada offers a wide range of work and competitive salaries as well as many job opportunities.

Cyber Security Analyst

NOC: 2281

Annual Salary: $108,474

IT Support & Network Administrators

NOC: 2172

Annual Salary: $91,271

Web Developer

NOC: 2175

Annual Salary: $85,000

Health Services

Health services are the backbone of Canada’s high standard of living and world-class medical infrastructure. Particularly during COVID-19 pandemic, health care workers were vital to the survival of the country’s people and its economy. That’s the reason people working in health care industry get paid so well, as they carry much responsibility of taking good care of the population.


NOC: 3114

Annual Salary: $98,964

Registered Nurse

NOC: 3012

Annual Salary: $81,729


NOC: 3131

Annual Salary: $106,558

Client Services

Client servicing has many job roles, like Human Resources Management, Administrative Assistants, etc., but this industry focuses entirely on ensuring the satisfaction of the workers and individuals needing assistance, and the organizations needing to streamline their projects, teams and strategize their entire man power planning. This industry pays really well depending on the individual’s experience and education.

Human Resources Managers

NOC: 0112

Annual Salary: $153,984

Financial Advisors

NOC: 1114

Annual Salary: $108,137


NOC: 1111

Annual Salary: $82,667


The jobs in Engineering industry are always in demand and Canada requires Engineers in every field. Specially, software engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, are in good demand and hence they get paid really well.

Software Engineer

NOC: 2073

Annual Salary: $135,000

Electrical Engineer

NOC: 2133

Annual Salary: $112,976

Industrial Engineer


Annual Salary: $87,966

Other Trades

It’s not that only the people like doctors, nurse, engineers, teachers, professors, are in demand and they get paid well. Rather, there are trade skills that are also in good demand. If you have skills in heavy duty driving, forklifting, electrician, pipe fitter, or construction you have fair chance of getting a high paying job in Canada.


NOC: 7251

Annual Salary: $75,542

Truck Driver

NOC: 7511

Annual Salary: $62,647


NOC: 7237

Annual Salary: $56,550

Work in Canada

As you know Canada offers a lot of visas and there are multiple immigration programs through which you can apply to migrate to Canada. Whether you want to work temporarily or permanently in Canada you can apply for a visa accordingly. As a skilled worker, you can apply for permanent residency using then Federal Skilled Worker Program under the Express Entry System. Or you can apply under the Provincial Nominee Program to get a job in specific province and get your Permanent Residency in Canada.

Canada has a lot to offer in terms of jobs and work to the foreign nationals as we have already discussed. It is an ideal place for everyone to live and work. If you want the help of professional to migrate to Canada fill up the form below and we will get in touch with you to discuss your chances of migrating to Canada after evaluating your profile.

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