April 14, 2022

How to Check Visa Status & Validity

Overstaying or travelling in any country without a valid visa is illegal and is considered a crime. If you need a visa to travel to any other country then it is important to keep checking your visa status. That means you make your travel arrangements accordingly, and book your hotel, and flight tickets. Also, it helps you to understand and keep tab on your stay. With its help you don’t overstay in that country and if required you get your visa extended in order to continue your living in that foreign country. Checking visa status is very simple nowadays. The most convenient way of checking your visa status is to check it online by visiting the website of a particular consulate and keep certain information handy with you. To know your online visa status, you may be required to put the following information:

  • Passport Number
  • Application ID

You may also need to submit your date of birth, passport number and other related information.

The process of checking the status of your visa application is also known as Visa Tracking.

Check Visa Status with Visa Tracking ID

Certain countries may offer you a tracking ID when you apply for a visa or submit your visa application form online. With the help of this tracking ID, you can track your visa status.

How to Check Visa Status with Passport Number

Some countries offer visa on arrival and visa-free entry to individuals of some countries as part of their diplomatic relations. In these countries you can track your visa status on their consulate website easily. Also, some countries like UAE offer visa status checking facility with the passport number.

To check the status of the visa application by using the passport number, the applicant would need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official visa website of the country of your visit.
  • Find the option of tracking the visa application status.
  • Enter the acknowledgement number or passport number and the date of birth.
  • Following that, enter the captcha code and click ‘submit’.
  • The status of the visa application would be displayed.

While you can check your visa status using the acknowledgement number or the passport number, it is imperative to mention that authorities send the status of the visa application on the mobile number and the email address provided in the application form on a periodical basis. The status of the application is typically sent when the application reaches the concerning authorities, processed or reviewed, if it is approved/rejected and dispatched for delivery.

Different countries offer different types of visas like some countries offer paper visa that is affixed on your passport, some countries offer e-Visa, and some countries don’t require visa at all if your countries have bilateral visa agreements. For instance, Indian citizens don’t require visa to visit Nepal and Bhutan and vice versa. Similarly, citizens of GCC countries can travel in between the GCC countries without visa.

Visa Application Reference Number

Once the applicant submits the application for a visa along with the relevant details at the consulates or any outsourcing and technology services provider, an acknowledgement receipt number is provided. This acknowledgement receipt number is also known as the reference number or file number. With this unique number, the applicant can check the status of the visa application. The status can be checked through an online on the website of the consulate or visa processing authority or by calling the authorities and providing them with the reference number.

It is noteworthy to mention here that if the applicant misplaces the file number, he/she can get the status of the visa application using the passport number. While not all countries provide this facility, most countries are starting to promote the checking of visa status using the passport number. In coming future it is expected that with the introduction and global availability of chip based passports (e-passports) it would be easier to track the visa status.

Visa Application Process

While applying for a visa, applicants are required to submit proofs of identity, address, and other documents depending on the type of visa which is being applied for. The visa can be applied by visiting the consulates or visa services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. The details regarding the visa application process, documents required to be submitted, processing time for the visa application can be found from the official websites of the immigration department of the respective countries.

Check Visa Status Online

You can check your Visa Status and Visa Validity online for the below countries.

FAQs on Visa Status Check

  1. Can I submit a visa application to the authorities without a prior appointment?

Yes, you can a submit a visa application without a prior appointment. However, you must have a valid reason for it or it must be an emergency.

  1. How long does it take for a visa application to be processed?

The time taken to process a visa application varies depending on the type of visa that you are applying for and your nationality. Other factors considered by the authorities also plays a significant part.

  1. Is the visa application fee refunded, if the application is rejected?

The visa application fee that is paid by the applicant is not refunded to him/her by the authorities, even though the application for the visa is rejected by them.

  1. Can I request the authorities to expediate the visa processing time?

Yes, a request can be submitted to the authorities present at the Consulate Generals of the country you are applying from to expediate the visa processing time in case there is an emergency.

  1. Can the status of the visa application be checked?

Yes, the status of the visa application can be checked online or from the consulate office after the application is successfully submitted to the concerned authorities.

  1. How can I track the status of the visa application?

The status of the visa application can be tracked using the acknowledgement number / reference ID that is provided to the applicant at the time of submitting his/her application to the authorities. The number can be used online or by providing it to the visa application helpline desk.

  1. If I apply for a visa through any outsourcing and technology services specialist, do I need to pay any additional amount?

Yes, an additional amount needs to be paid if the visa is applied for through any outsourcing and immigration services specialist.

  1. Can the visa application fee be paid online?

Yes, the visa application fee can be paid online. The fees can also be paid in cash, credit card or cheque to the authorities present at the visa application centres.

  1. Do the authorities provide periodical updates on visa status?

The authorities do provide periodical updates on the status of the visa application, but only for important information pertaining to the application.

  1. Is Tracking Visa status using the passport number Possible?

Yes, the status of the visa can be Tracked using the passport number. This feature comes in handy if the applicant misplaces the acknowledgement number provided to him. But this facility is available only in few countries right now.

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