Masha Zhukova
My name is Masha Zhukova and I am happy to write my experience with Visa ray company. I am now living in Germany for three years now with my husband and children. Visa ray company helped us to move to Germany from Ukraine and all the advice they gave us very helpful including saving funds in our bank accounts to show as fund proof. My husband and me have to wait for over three months before we could find ourselves a job here. Zoya was quite helpful and kept in constant touch with throughout and also gave us contact number of her friend here in Germany who helped us find jobs and accommodation. The whole credit of our coming to Germany goes to Zoya. God bless you!
Maria Allien
I thank Ivana for helping me and my husband to migrate to Australia and later on providing us help in finding accommodation, and work for me. I was very certain that I would ever be able to leave Guyana with my husband. One day while browsing online I found your website and kept reading the content for like hours and then thought to give it a try. I filled up the form given on your contact. Next day I got an email from Ivana and she asked me to share some more details about me and my husband. Then after three days she sent me another email saying that we can migrate to Australia and she requires certain documents from us. I sent those documents to her and paid their consultancy fee online. She asked us to prepare for our English language exam. In seven months all our documents including my new passport, and IELTS exam result were ready. After 5 weeks from there we got our appointment in the Embassy and in July 2017 we moved to Australia for good and forever. All thanks to you guys.
Deepak Thapa
I recently received a PNP invitation which I have been waiting for several months. All thanks to the team at visaray for smooth sailing in the whole process and being on toes for each step in the process. VIsaray is the 4th consultancy we decided to go with for our PNP application and they proved us right on our decision. Thanks a billion, team and looking forward to crossing the borderline of Canada with all your wonderful assistance.
Gurpreet Kaur
Visa ray team is really good and knowledgeable and understands everything like the strength and weaknesses of their clients and advise them according to their profiles and focus on their strong aspects to make their immigration application pass through the process. That's how they helped me and my husband come to USA. I am really thankful to all their efforts in navigate us through that complex process and got us to move to USA in 15 months time. Much appreciated.
Preksha Chaudhary
Very helpful and committed team that helped me to get my PR. I always wanted to move to Australia and was trying for over two years when I came across visa ray and contacted them. They asked me for my academic and professional credentials and after three days I got an email that my profile is good enough to migrate to Australia and I have to go for my IELTS exam. I paid their consultancy fee and it took almost 5 months since I started my application with them to when I landed in Australia. Thank you for all the help I received from this team.
Rick Jhonson
Canada PR
The team helped us move to Canada from Brazil in 11 months. The journey had been very good and all the communication was through email exchange and that was the best part because no one in my organization knew about this until I told them in the end when I had got my visa stamped on my passport.
Daniela Franco
I am Daniela and I am thankful to the visa ray team for helping us to come to Canada and help us find job for both me and my husband. These guys are thorough gentlemen and understands the problems of people and take everything in their power to help them out. I will always recommend their company to anyone who is looking to migrate to Canada.
Jesmine Towle
They has been counseling students for educational opportunities in a Foreign countries and their dream of studying abroad. I got my study visa to Study in Spain in two and a half months. Their approach is very professional.
Shahid Jumani
The team at visa ray is very professional and helpful. They helped me to get my study visa in Canada and now I am studying in Canada. Their fees is comparatively lesser than other consultants and approach is very professional. Highly recommended.