Apply & Get Your Tourist Visa

To visit any country for tourism you need to apply for a tourist visa. Though there are many countries that allows many foreigners to come to their country without any visa for a certain time-frame. But, for some countries that don’t allow visa-free or on-arrival visa facility you need to get your tourist visa to travel to that country. Tourist visas are usually issued for few days and up to 90 days depending on the request of the tourist.

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What are the Benefits of Tourist Visa?

A Tourist Visa offers many benefits like you can legally visit a country of your choice, explore the country, meet new people, enjoy the authentic cuisine, delicacies and much more.

  • Visit the Country of Your Choice & Explore the Cities and Tourist Attractions
  • Legally Go and Visit the Country of Your Choice
  • Learn about the Culture, Community, History of Different Countries
  • Meet & Make Friends from All Around the World
  • Explore Opportunities to Start or Expand Your Business
  • Know about the Geography & Terrain of the Country
  • Enjoy the Cuisine & Delicacy of Different Countries

Though tourist visa is quite easy to apply and you can do it yourself online, but sometimes it is difficult to understand the requirements to get a tourist visa from a country and that’s where we come in. We help you get your tourist visa for the country of your choice within in minimum possible time frame. Contact us if you need our help to get your tourist visa.

Below are the countries that we can help you to get your Tourist Visa:

Why Choose Visa Ray (Us)?

We don’t call us a company, rather we can us a Team (Us). There is no day at Visa Ray when we don’t work either in the office or from our homes or wherever we are. We are always available to our clients even on the Christmas Eve. Most of our team is built with the migrants those who or their parents migrated for a better future and that’s what we promise and want for our clients. Every client is equal to us and we treat them as one of Us.

Experts Only

Visa Ray is comprised of specialists with years of experience into immigration that hail from various backgrounds like law firms, business advisory, student counsellors. As such, First Impressions will never assign second-tier support staff to any client account.

Our Professional Fee

Our fee is competitive and fair. There are no hidden or extra charges. We have no fancy offices and we don’t use phones to keep our expenses as low as possible and that’s why we offer the most competitive fee structure to our clients. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you. That’s how we would like to be treated, and that is how we treat our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

We are highly confident in our promise to serve you better. Our focus is to build long term relationships with our customers, not simply a quick sale! That’s the reason most of our business is through our referral clients.

This is Our Bread & Butter

Client’s success is our main aim and focus. Immigration is our bread and butter. We have specialised in visa & immigration matters and concentrate in this field only, unlike many others who deal with all other types of business.


Work Visa

Work visa allows a foreign national to legally work in a particular country for specific period of time.


Study Visa

Study visa allows you to study in a foreign country and get better education from world’s best universities and colleges.